A comparison of the similarities and differences in the management method and organizational structu

For instance, below is a picture of a role centric HRMS: This HRMS creates an organizational tree that calls out the major and minor roles of the company as reflected in the structure.

In contrast, based on the analysis of the relationship between structure, strategy and performance, Amitabh and Gupta state that the structure is considered one of the key factors for the implementation of a successful strategy, largely because performance is directly influenced by how the activities of an organization are structured.

functional organizational structure

The functional clustering, the number of hierarchical levels, high functionalization, the detailing of the internal planning programming, the resolution of the progress control and evaluation, the narrow amplitude and depth of the task, the high standardization of behavior, the low horizontal decentralization and low delegation in decision making are evidence of the low potential of structural flexibility of the institution regarding middle the activity VOLBERDA, ; HALL, ; MINTZBERG, The author also complements, that to accept the limitations of structure in the process of implementation can deprive the organization to benefit from the main advantages of this process, among which are the improvement of formal and informal interactions, decision-making process and decentralization, mainly due to increased autonomy and commitment from the moment in which an organization has a clear path to follow.

No matter how flat, circular, or egalitarian you may want it to appear. E-mail: mfpcris gmail. Team structures lack efficiency but can lead through dynamic innovation.

This phenomenon tends to change the grouping of the Institution, because the division can extrapolate the functional form and boost the grouping focused on a product or even target market, which sets greater potential for flexibility.

Although it is not set by topics, the main activities developed in each stage are detailed in this chapter. The interconnection driven by the strategic planning process is of paramount importance to facilitate the social interactions of a company, which in turn have the power to facilitate the practice and implementation of strategies.

Given the above, it is clear that there is a constant and reciprocal relationship between strategy and organizational structure. Thus, it is necessary to acknowledge the likely impact of the structure on the implementation of the strategy.

Definition of Functional Structure The functional structure is one such structure, in which the activities of similar nature are grouped together, i. In a picture, a sound organizational design will look something like this below.

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Traditional Management vs Business Process Management