A review of the presidential debate of 1996

He voted against my improved student loan plans. They're going to see their own doctor when Bob Dole is president. We've worked too hard to lower it. I think Senator Dole and I just honestly disagree. The trial lawyers, I don't -- you know, my wife's a lawyer. DOLE Thank you. DOLE Oh. Let's stop, you know, playing the political game, Mr. He inherited a growth of 4. When it comes to bridges, I want a bridge to the future. Whatever it is, whatever the checklist was in '92, it's all done with campaign finance reform. The ones that are out there are doing well.

Maybe that was the purpose. President, Senator Dole has come pretty close in the last few days of accusing you of lying about his position on Medicare reform.

You add up all the states that have used the instant check and how many weapons they've kept out of the hands of criminals, it would far surpass the number you mentioned. The killing and the tragedies had taken place. Was it fully effective? That's why when I became President, I was determined to kind of move beyond this old, stale debate that had gone on in Washington for too long, to get this country moving again. And again, I'm honored to be here this evening. That's history, because I've told the N. It took three and a half years -- it wasn't until election year, Mr.

I know what it's like to see somebody you love nearly loose their lives. And most important, let's make education our highest priority so that every 8-year-old will be able to read, every year-old can log onto the Internet, every year-old can go to college.

1992 presidential debates

First of all, it's a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which President Clinton defeated. The feelings are very strong. Drug use has doubled the past 44 months all across America.

Former Secretary of State James A.

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