An introduction to the analysis of antimatter

For example, isospin is an additive quantum number for all nucleons e. Inthe STAR detector reported the observation of artificially created antihelium-4 nuclei anti-alpha particles 4 He Preservation[ edit ] Antimatter cannot be stored in a container made of ordinary matter because antimatter reacts with any matter it touches, annihilating itself and an equal amount of the container.

is antimatter dangerous

To explore this framework, we must explain the important results of Doplicher et al. So when we say that there is such a thing as antimatter, we are claiming that something like the platitudes above holds of physically possible states in QFT.

The ultimate goal of this endeavour is to test CPT symmetry through comparison of the atomic spectra of hydrogen and antihydrogen see hydrogen spectral series. The total energy of electron is as follow, 12 The total energy of positron is as follow, 13 So for energy conservation before and after ray photon transfer into electron and positronfollow equation is gained 14 Consider Equation 711 and 14the potential energy of ray photon before and after transfers into electron and positron is gained as follow, 15 So it can be simplified to 16 If the antimatter gravity is repulsive from matter, the Equation 15 becomes 17 So it can be simplified to 18 Above equation is paradox, it conflicts with that photon has potential energy in gravitational field, if the antimatter have no interaction with gravity field, Equation 15 becomes 19 The Equation 19 is paradox too, it also conflicts with that photon has potential energy in gravitational field and should be singularity at one place.

But classical physics and common sense dictated that the energy of a particle must always be a positive number. Generally, positron can be produced from a Surko-type [16] source and accumulator.

These are typically produced at energies far too high to form antimatter atoms with bound positrons in place of electrons.

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An Analysis on the Sign of Gravity of Antimatter