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Each of these locations has meanings in themselves.

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Though the job Manni took is likely illegal, there is a sense of sympathy in favor of Manni knowing he is under large pressure by an overbearing boss but, also a feeling of hopelessness is present knowing that his story would not be believed and the punishment for losing such a large sum of money will be much more brutal. There are some wall lamps in the bank, obviously Lola and security officer are in front of those lamps. Another important element of a film is mise-en-scene, of course. Two references to roulette, implying how some things can come about by chance. The video game aspect gives it a stylistic appeal, but the reality aspect is what really makes the film what it is. The bank and the casino especially represented in a very luxurious way in which Lola seems a little bit awkward because of her costume. It is named as shot reverse shot. He loves 5 Lola too; the spectator understands it clearly when Lola is shot. An important element to the film though is the soundtrack. As noted before, the world of the narrative bustles with self-awareness: one of the recurring images common to all the scenarios is a massive plate of glass being carried across a street, which the red ambulance must brake to avoid. Though Run Lola Run certainly has plastic elements, the reality in it is what really makes the movie memorable. Shot sizes, angles, levels, length and also focusing are included in cinematography. We become more and more anxious about what is going to happen because they have anxiety in their faces. The director has chosen to utilize non-conventional camera techniques.

This film depicts a twenty-something girl, Lola, trying to help out her boyfriend, Manni. When Manni tells of his dire situation, his panic becomes gradually mirrored by Lola as the bag is lost and the weight of the situation becomes recognized.

The anger and fear possessed by Manni is also reflected in these camera shots.

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Time and space are the main features of continuity in editing. A final scene: When Lola enters the casino, the music jumps back in time from its usual hip german techno, simplifies to a single drum beat. Run grabbed my attention with its opening sentence and I found myself slipping into that helpless, blissful state of complete submission to the book, confident I was in the hands of a master storyteller. This scene establishes the mise en scene of the film, it starts the narrative, and gives a good sense of the two main characters in the film. The concept of time in this movie is invariably important and this action of entering this strange looking clock implies that the audience is entering a place where time is different from what we experience. The bank and the casino especially represented in a very luxurious way in which Lola seems a little bit awkward because of her costume. Instead, the past is displayed to the audience as a series of alternatives. Elliot and German football coach Sepp Herberger, combined with a voice over questioning — ironically — why people are so worried about the meaning of life, leads the viewer to accept the idea that what they are about to watch is pure fiction. So, we as the audience float in a kind of multifarious phase-space, rather than being locked onto the rigid track of an amusement-park ride, as in most plots. Since what we are shown as trials of her saving her boyfriend are also her trials. This both adds tension to the scene and makes a deeper connection the viewers have with the characters about choice and consequence. She was one of the lucky ones; one of the 10, , that survived. These two initial flying shots set a sense of urgency. In the film, the three episodes can be interpreted as the three levels that Lola gets to play the game and achieve her goal. One way to achieve the continuity in editing is by using master shot.

Wherever Lola changes her course, she changes the circumstances for the others, thus changing their ending Shaner, On the other hand, long takes are sometimes cut by showing Lola from different angles, leaving her behind the walls or some other objects and also other people whom Lola encounters while running High angle is mostly used to reduce the importance of the subject and patronize the subject.

As I have mentioned above the continuity in space and time is given by the soundtrack throughout the movie.

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In order to represent this luxuriousness, characters were wearing suits, there are bodyguards and securities at the gate, the buildings are very impressive in their outer appearances like they are old, historical, multi storey buildings.

Manni is also portrayed as a junk, irresponsible, penniless and clumsy character.

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This flashback visual narrative works as a great introduction to set up the rest of the movie. In another she nudges her slightly, and in the final sequence avoids her entirely. Both in the scenes where Lola and Manni are shot, the gradual burst of the red bag and the fall of the green bag are given in a slow pace to show the sensibility of the scenes. There is another aspect in which the film differs from the classic Hollywood structure is the sudden appearance and disappearance of minor characters that although do not effect the main story line but yet influence the outgoing of different episodes. Posted by. It is very seldom that a film manages to combine the high pace of an action thriller and a deep philosophical subtext without botching it, but Run Lola Run does an excellent job at striking a balance between both. This is the sound motif used in this film. These are diegetic sounds and help the audience to grasp the overall situation of Lola. This film depicts a twenty-something girl, Lola, trying to help out her boyfriend, Manni. In the flashback scenes medium shots and long shots are employed as a way to better show the progression of events.

He made some telephone calls when he waits for Lola to find the money, however he can find only Marks whereas he needs It is obviously more detailed than extreme long shot.

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Critical Analysis: Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)