Assessing the implementation of the unfair

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They are based on a form of procedural justice. Brownsword, N. Principles of European Contract Law. The concept of unfair financial burden to be adopted for the purpose of compensating the existence of USNC has a significant impact on the market, given that other providers may be required to contribute to the fund in case it is constituted.

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Firstly, in contract discourse, the problem of unfair contract terms is often raised in connection with regulation concerning standard-form conditions.

One may still normatively assume that people have to act rationally — if they do not, they will have to bear the consequences. Rather, it is focused on enhancing the position of the weaker groups of citizens in comparison with other groups. In most models one can find at least traces of all the conceptions of justice mentioned, but some conceptions come more to the fore in some models than in others.

Assessing the implementation of the unfair
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Standards and Assessment Implementation