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Weaker responses tended to recount the plot and list dramatic features without explaining the effect of these in terms of belonging or not belonging to place. In other words, how is unity created in the text?

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Related material for these candidates was often simplistic. Before you submit your essay, proofread it thoroughly to ensure that the grammar is elegant, the punctuation is perfect and the spelling is flawless.

Nonfiction — Speeches Better responses demonstrated a sound and often detailed knowledge of rhetorical devices and language. It goes without saying that the significance and your thesis have to be closely related.

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In these responses, candidates developed a relevant and sustained thesis, making consistent and discerning reference to textual details in order to support and enhance their argument. Drama Arthur Miller, The Crucible In strong responses, candidates interpreted place as both physical and metaphorical, evaluating how the beliefs and values of society can connect or alienate an individual.

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These responses made limited reference to the text and had little appreciation of the dramatic impact of the play. Better responses dealt with the duality of place that underpins the novel in a skilful and perceptive manner.

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Year 11 English Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature [ Guide]