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Outline the Project Milestones Most eLearning projects have a target date for when the final eLearning course needs to be available to the learners.

All members of the HarvardX community are expected to abide by Harvard policies on nondiscrimination, including sexual harassment, and the edX Terms of Service.

In addition to outlining the project milestones, you should consider creating a detailed project schedule. However, your Personally Identifiable Information will only be shared as permitted by applicable law, will be limited to what is necessary to perform the research, and will be subject to an agreement to protect the data.

The ePortfolio The ePortfolio. In this course, you will develop a reflective synthesis paper which will require you to self reflect on the major concepts developed during the eLearning program, and the personal growth you have experienced since starting your Ed.

Train your employees in the most in-demand topics, with edX for Business. You will submit a formal capstone project report outlining your process from conception to execution.

List the Development Details Finally, when creating an eLearning project plan, list the development details.

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The ePortfolio can help you advance your professional career by demonstrating the competencies you have developed in this program in synthesized fashion. Interested in this course for your Business or Team? Through this course, you will be able not only to synthesize your learning experiences during the program, but also to prepare yourself for professional endeavors in the field of eLearning.

The kickoff meeting is your opportunity to meet with your project stakeholders and subject matter experts to ask questions, collect information, and set expectations. The best way to accomplish this is to create an eLearning project plan.

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Enrollees who are taking HarvardX courses as part of another program will also be governed by the academic policies of those programs.

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How to Create an eLearning Project Plan + Free Template Download