Cultures are eroded by foreign cultural

Cultural erosion in india

Homogenization[ edit ] An alternative perspective on cultural globalization emphasizes the transfiguration of worldwide diversity into a pandemic of Westernized consumer culture. Moving forward at this day and age the globalization of the world is advancing at phenomenal speed due primarily to advancements in communications and technology. They contain schools and they are periodically visited by health care workers. Even church visits have declined in favor of televised rituals. Leave a comment Views People without a past are people without a future. Because no where is untouched by globalisation the number of people able to live isolated, traditional lifestyles is now very small. Imagine a country without a culture! The deciding factors are racial, geographic, linguistic, philosophical beliefs, including the religious and spiritual, and behavior.

I am deeply concerned that our traditions and cultural values are being eroded especially in urban areas nowadays. People and culture cannot be separated because what makes any human society is its own culture.

cause of cultural erosion

When exposed to other cultures, it is possible to cross-culture and coexist in harmony because culture is based on wisdom and understanding. I often catch people in restaurants gathered together on the table texting on their cell phones rather than talking to each other. Let us find out ways and means to safeguard, preserve and promote our traditions and cultural values.

Cultures are eroded by foreign cultural

To understand why, observe that parents will pick the channel for their children that maximizes their utility. Therefore, to preserve this culture, local productions have to be favoured.

cultural erosion globalization

Contributing factors[ edit ] New technology and forms of communication around the world help to integrate different cultures into each other Transportation technologies and services along with mass migration and individual travel contribute to this form of globalization allowing for cross-cultural exchanges Infrastructures and institutionalization embedded change e.

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Erosion of Traditions and cultural Values in Myanmar