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To change the placement of the page on the film, enter a value for Offset. Scott Scott k gold badges silver badges bronze badges This is excellent and all makes sense and I greatly appreciate it. Compare the following examples of an image printed by InDesign with Transverse selected and deselected.

how to set up indesign document for perfect bound printing

Or I can ask in another post. There, you can select odd or even only, then flip over your stack of pages and print on the other side. Your page size might be US Letter 8. Pop by the Service Bureau for a quick tutorial on how to use our booklet stapling machine, or fold and staple by hand with our plethora of hand staplers!

Note: If Custom is not available, the PPD you selected when you set up your printer does not support custom paper sizes. Confirm the correct paper size.

Also, InDesign will add in extra pages if it is not divisible by 4, but you won't have control over where.

Indesign print custom paper size

An option in the Print dialog box makes it easy to specify a range that selects all the pages of the same size in the document. The page size might be US Letter 8. Click Printer at the bottom of the window. Under Setting the Margins, choose. Comparison of printing a letter-size page on Letter, Letter. Orientation buttons A. Select Print As Bitmap. In the General area, type the number of copies to print, choose whether to collate pages or print them in reverse order, and indicate which pages to print. Print documents with multiple page sizes You may want to print pages that have different sizes separately. Click on the Page Setup Select the correct printer from the Printer drop-down menu.
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How to Print a Booklet from InDesign