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Then we could use these Secrets to crack even more words that we came across.

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We also did some shared writing, creating this recipe for mini-pizzas. The Secrets come from a place that kids can easily identify with and understand, like, for example: how a line leader is supposed to behave, when to and when not to be sneaky, not getting along with your classmate, being left out of a group, having to listen to your mom or your babysitter!

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In read-aloud, they wanted to come up and put highlighter tape on the Secrets. Problem 2 This problem was asked by Uber. The video below demonstrates this point. It was my first year teaching kindergarten, and having taught first grade for the past ten years, I was just floored by what the kids were able to do.

Text Form: Procedural Writing Our newest focus! I really wanted the kids to see the Secrets as their own, personal keys to unlock any word—not something that was confined to our reading lesson.

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The Secret of Writing