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Drover makes her way to the taxi rank, where she climbs into a taxi as the clock strikes seven. Can you find any connection with Mrs. Gothicism As suggested by the title, the story plays with the theme of the demon lover, the figure in Gothic literature who comes back to take away his unfaithful lover who has broken her promise to wait for him. With clarity she can remember the last time that she spoke to K. Drover as a discontented wife in an unfulfilling marriage runs into difficulty when he attempts to make her behavior relevant to the murder mystery plot. Bowen manages to highlight just how anxious, frightened and angry Kathleen is. They wish that their son were alive again.

Drover would be visiting her London house on that particular day, or how he managed to engineer events so cleverly that she would inevitably seek a taxi precisely on the hour of seven, can only be guessed. The fact that the terms of her promise are not specified seems ominous—clearly, whatever it is, she is expected to understand what the sender means and fulfill her mysterious obligation.

It requires an effort on her part to get into the house because it has been shut up for so long, but following a struggle with the front door she manages to get inside.

Demon lover

He then turns around so that their faces are very close to one another. This interpretation may not suggest the answer to every question the reader may have. Elise, however, despises Diane and works to frustrate her negotiations at every opportunity. The reader also learns that Mrs. Drover was not unfaithful, so this subtly suggests that whatever is haunting her is perhaps an undeserved punishment. She did not know that K. What does she actually see? Not surprisingly then, he chooses to celebrate their anniversary, twenty-five years to the day, in the only way consistent with his destructive sense of love: with Mrs. Her family was also relieved, as they did not believe they were a good match. The absent furniture has left marks and indentations that seem strange and unnerving, and she feels entirely estranged from this once-familiar setting. Drover becomes entirely fixated on escape, but her efforts are continually compromised by her inability to stay focused in the present moment. Like Mrs. At this point, the narrative structure of the film more or less breaks down, although we do learn a great deal more about the characters. He is remembered not with warmth but for his sense of his power or control over her.

Drover is portrayed as submissive, adhering to the traditionally prescribed role of a woman. She has come to collect items she will bring back to her family, who are currently living in the countryside to avoid bombings in the city.

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Douglas A. This is significant, since throughout the story Mrs.

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Drover is simply an indirect casualty of war. How did the sender know she would be there? She could not have plighted a more sinister troth. She then starts to scream and pound the glass between them. Her heart does not belong to K. Kathleen Drover loses her way on the path leading from a crumbling present to a permanent but terrifying past. They struggle, eventually culminating in the suffocation of Elaine. Drover is dissatisfied with her marriage. The caretaker even if he were back did not know she was due in London today—her call here had been planned to be a surprise—so his negligence in the manner of this letter, leaving it to wait in the dusk and the dust, annoyed her. She is hanging on grimly to her sanity, trying not to let herself be spooked by what she encounters.

In the First World War, at the age of nineteen, she lost her fiance, precipitating her first emotional collapse, which lasted for thirteen years.

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Short Story Analysis: The Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen