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This indicates the tack of genetic insulation against the majority of the diseases. Researched through internet Market Risks The incidents of Adulteration of edible oils are quite prevalent in India. The long-term outlook of edible oil demand in India is favorable on expectation of increasing population, increase in per capita consumption which in turn would be driven by changing lifestyles, growing urbanization, and increasing proportion of middle-class population and steadily rising affluence levels.

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Export of Oilmeal has reduced off lately. Western lifestyle is being increasingly adopted which has credited to be one of the biggest factors driving the market. However, our yields are still nowhere close to the world average yields, leave aside the world best yields.

The oils manufactured are used for variety of purposes; for cooking and frying at homes to large restaurants, fast food chains and factories that produce foods that don't need additional oil to be mixed or fried with, before consumption.

Sundrop offers edible oils that contain Oryzanol, Vitamins and Fatty Acidshelping in lowering the cholesterol level. Over the past five years, revenue has been growing at an annualized rate of At the same time, it forms very miniscule part of our exports Indian Edible Oil Structure Due to this heavy import of edible oil, the existing Indian mills are operating at very low utilisations.

And if our yields improve to global best rates, Indian edible oil production would become 3x the existing mn tons production and India will be self-sufficient on existing cultivated land itself!

The growth in the edible oil industry has been the result of many driving factors; not only from the demand perspective but from consumer perspective as well.

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Edible Oil market in India is the 5th largest in the world