Emphasizing ethical leadership practices essay

The issues of accountability and transparency in managing entities, as they are extensively explored in different 11 government codes, cannot be over underscored.

Emphasizing ethical leadership practices essay

First approach is Utilitarianism Theory, which sees the leader maximizing the welfare of the subordinates. However, for me finding the right way to motivate my subordinates is difficult, especially when the task proves to be challenging. Wang and. To any organizations, leadership plays an important role to empower another people to follow them.

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Starting from the procedure commencing the administrative case Section 3 to preliminary investigations Section 9 up to the manner of imposing the penalty Section 60 are all ethically structured in it.

Motivation is an important aspect of transformational leadership, as you want your subordinates to share your same ideas and goals.

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It is a concept that many have come to see as important as leaders do have a very big role to play when it comes to driving teams in the right direction. Contemporary ethics links the basic ideology of ethics with various other disciples of philosophy. Moral and ethical actions come from understanding what are the rules and customs of the organization and following these. The strong ethical framework and leadership example can also help ensure employees report on problems quicker. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 97 2 , The theory understands the importance of trust and good relationships. The distinction between the I-Thou relationships and the I-It relationships is explained on slide 8 of the following presentation. It is document that explains the rules of interactions between members of an organization and the rules about how an organization will deal with the public they serve; the clients, the vendors, in short the stakeholders

Overall, the leadership model can reduce business liability and prevent costly errors within the organization. Every organization has ethical and moral guidelines stipulated through their policies, rules and regulations. The second step involves analyzing the actions to take, which considers the common good and selecting the option that offers actions that are least problematic.

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Ethical leadership is the core of a great organization; a leader bears the greatest responsibility in the overall direction of an organization and that applies to ethics as well Theories about conduct emphasise the consequences of leader behavior teleological approach or the rules that govern their behavior deontological approach. Before you venture into reading about the characteristics, watch the interview of Apple CEO Tim Cook explaining how he developed his ethical compass: The core characteristics of ethical leaders There are specific characteristics ethical leaders showcase. Many college and universities are founded on middle class principles, rules, and language. Additionally, virtue- based theories center on the character of leaders and they underscore personal attributes such as courage, honesty, fairness, and fidelity. Because the company has set such high standards to itself, protesters regularly point out to any problems the company might have in meeting its targets. The golden rule. Many interpretations of the terms leadership, trustworthiness, and ethical stewardship have been developed by scholars and researchers. Ethical leaders shape the organization and therefore, the organization will attract people whose own moral and ethical framework is similar to that of the leader and the organization. If you allow people to take the lead and you trust their ability to make good choices, you will gain further respect. Ethical framework helps a leader and the organization to make decisions and approach actions with a coherent plan, instead of having to constantly re-think and assess the situation. In the case of Patagonia, due to its ethical leadership and moral corporate governance any issues that may arise from legal disobedience, or unethical behavior will be dealt with objectively, fairly, and swiftly This paper will attempt to provide an academic opinion related to the problem investigated. Without an established trust relationship a leader is unable to be effective. Mosier 's Professional Career - Mrs.

Issues of ethical and moral conduct of leadership are being scrutinized more than ever before Veiga et al. The ends- based thinking strategy involves ensuring the best for the highest number of people and is primarily based on weighing the consequences of action.

The paper concludes with a reflection on the implications of ethical leadership to my workplace.

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Sternberg EdsNature of leadership Ethical leadership can be difficult to maintain, but if you step out of the framework once, you can damage the respect earned with your subordinates and other stakeholders.

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