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We should offer reward speedily after the positive response of the students. If a student is forced to learn then we cannot organize a true or real teaching learning process. Being a highly effective teacher, involves the use of multiple approaches and multiple theories in the classroom, as I continue my career as an educator I seeā€¦.

Local teachers were also interviewed for knowing about the problems and prospects of radio programmes to teach English to the rural people. This can be accomplished by helping to supervise and support pupils whilst learning, helping to prepare, organise and maintain the classroom or learning environment being used, including any equipment or materials and resources.

Everything that we do is a result of what we have learned. According to him, the process of learning is continuous and involved not only planners and implementers, but rural people. Cognitive development focuses on the inner mental activities.

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This essay will briefly look at how motivation theory, cognitive and social cognitive theory along with constructivism have impacted on education and the classroom. During the past several decades, however, the advancement of technology has led to comprehensive meeting and teaching via more advanced technologies like audioconferencing, videoconferencing, webconferencing and online learning management systems LMS.

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The Learning Process Essay