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Class B shares, without nominal or par value, the holders of which are entitled: to a dividend as fixed by the board of directors; upon the dissolution or liquidation of the corporation, to repayment of the amount paid for such share plus any declared and unpaid dividends in priority to the Class A shares, but they shall not confer a right to any further participation in profits or assets. A corporation is a unique legal entity and it is separate from the people who own its shares. If the amendment involves a name change, you must include a completed name search. Perhaps, with over 2,, names on the NUANS database, the names you're coming up with are just close to those of existing entities. Liquid paper corrections are not acceptable; however, corrected pages can be photocopied as long as they bear original signatures. We recommend that you park under Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall, as street parking is limited on University Avenue and your car will be towed after 3 pm. You can incorporate a company using a number; for example " Ontario Inc. The number , is assigned by the Ministry, the Province will be your "descriptive" element, and finally the Legal element Ltd. Full names and signatures of the incorporators. Identical names A corporation may only acquire a name identical to that of another corporation if it meets the requirements of Sections 6 1 or 6 2 of Regulation 62 under the Business Corporations Act. However, it there is only one class of shares, all three rights apply to it. Lawyers may pay by cheque. The performance of the company therefore affects all and is an incentive for employees to improve performance and thus improve the value of their shares and the profits the company produces.

You may want to speak to your accountant about your specific circumstance. Federal Incorporation Federal incorporation allows your company to operate anywhere in Canada and can give you more recognition if you intend to do business internationally.

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If you want to restrict the ability of the board of directors to fill a vacancy, the following wording could be used in the articles: "Any vacancy on the board of directors shall be filled by a vote of the shareholders. For example, some industries restrict the percentage of non-Canadians who own the shares of a corporation i.

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For example, a class of shares may be described as "nonvoting," meaning that owners of the shares cannot participate in activities such as the election of directors. If desired, once a numbered company has been created, a Business Style registration can be registered under the Corporate name, which allow theCorporation to carry on business under the style name. In this section, you must indicate the classes and maximum number of shares are that your corporation is allowed to issue. There is no requirement for the corporation to have a name. The holders of Class B shares shall not, subject to the provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act , be entitled to vote at any meetings of shareholders. Note: that although a Federal corporation with an identical name to a proposed Ontario corporate name may not be currently operating or active in Ontario it is entitled to commence activities in Ontario at any time in the future. An example could be to issue "unlimited common shares". A corporation can own real estate and sign contracts under corporate name. Professional corporations The proclamation of the professional incorporation provisions allowing a number of regulated professionals to incorporate their practices in Ontario occurred on November 1, Fill in your business address. An effective date of up to 30 days later than the earliest date the Articles can be endorsed may be requested in writing on a cover letter using bold or highlighted letters, upon submission of the Articles to the Branch. Fill in your business address. Find out whether your business must state that it has restrictions on the business that the corporation may carry on or on the powers that the corporation may exercise. This will facilitate the processing of the articles should a question arise as to the content of the articles. Subsection 6 2 Before the name can be duplicated under Subsection 6 2 , Central Production and Verification Services Branch requires that a legal opinion accompany the articles being filed.

Name of Business Numbered name for example: Ontario Inc. Cover Letter for Articles of Incorporation Enclose a covering letter setting out the name of a contact person, a return address, and a telephone number.

Cumulative voting for directors: This clause is allowed only if the number of directors is a fixed number: "There shall be cumulative voting for directors. Quorum for directors' meetings You may specify a quorum of directors: "The quorum for any meeting of the board of directors shall be.

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This would allow the corporation to legally use a foreign version of its corporate name for the purposes of conducting business. It is always best to register the name exactly the way you plan on using it. Restrictions on the business activities of the corporation or powers that the corporation may exercise. It cannot be a P. We recommend that you park under Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall, as street parking is limited on University Avenue and your car will be towed after 3 pm. Fill in your business address. A corporation with a name similar to another may find themselves facing legal action. Government Grants.

This information is intended as a general guide only. There are many words used to describe this document including incorporation, corporation, limited company, limited liability, LLC this is an American terminologyLetters Patent, and Certificate of Incorporation.

If the Corporation does not have an Ontario address, a Registered agent, living in Ontario, must be appointed.

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Other business names A corporation may carry on its business activities under a name other than its corporate name, provided that the name is registered under the Business Names Act.

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What are Articles of Incorporation?