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He painted his subjects without any idealization, but on a scale formerly reserved for history painting. Monet, Degas and Pessarro were the founding members of the Impressionism movement.

Distributing excerpts prior to the lecture or asking students to reflect on some of his observations posted on a PowerPointcould aid in class discussion. This exercise can help them practice both contextual and formal skills.

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After washing for hours, as seen in The Burden —6they dragged the wet laundry home to dry in their small, damp apartments. In addition, the colors are applied next to one another in single, small strokes in order to make the colors more vivid.

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How did the art from this period pave the way to modernism of the early twentieth century? This illustrates that there is no definitive line drawn between the subjects or formal aspects of one movement and another. A wide range of distinct artistic styles could be found during the period. After washing for hours, as seen in The Burden —6 , they dragged the wet laundry home to dry in their small, damp apartments. Impressionism had initially been used as a derogatory term. His innovative formal technique and his subject places Seurat squarely within the modernist tradition. With the end of Impressionism came Post Impressionism that lasted from to roughly. Both Mary Cassatt and Renoir depicted the Opera, noting its many vantage points from which the bourgeois could admire one another. Many of these artists had already experienced rejection for their Salon entries and so, took back exhibitive control of their work.

The Olympia appears disdainful, almost bored by the offering of the flowers. At first glance, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte —6 appears to be an Impressionist painting since he captures upper-middle class leisure time on an island in the center of the Seine.

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The most visible change was the destruction of side streets in order to widen the boulevards.

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