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She appealed to Guido Baccelli, the professor of clinical medicine at the University of Romebut was strongly discouraged.

She studied theoretical and moral philosophy, the history of philosophy, and psychology as such, but she did not graduate. Today, Montessori's teaching methods continue to "follow the child" all over the globe.

A strong bond was nevertheless created, and in later years he collaborated and travelled with his mother, continuing her work after her death.

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Spain — [ edit ] On her return from the United States, Montessori continued her work in Barcelona, where a small program sponsored by the Catalan government begun in had developed into the Escola Montessori, serving children from three to ten years old, and the Laboratori i Seminari de Pedagogia, a research, training, and teaching institute.

Montessori died of a cerebral hemorrhage on May 6,at the age of 81 in Noordwijk aan Zeethe Netherlands. We are united with a common purpose: to make the world a better place through grace and courtesy instilled in our children, who will serve as our future leaders.

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What Montessori came to realise was that children who were placed in an environment where activities were designed to support their natural development had the power to educate themselves.

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Maria Montessori