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Functionalists see the educational system as providing a positive educational experience, which benefits the children and society These perspectives and approaches enable us to see how societies and the behaviour of people are different according to the different approaches.

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Bowles and Gintis also believed in something called the Hidden Curriculum. Social class is also closely related to levels of education, status and lifestyle including housing, car ownership and leisure activities as well as power and influence. To criticise the idea of the Ideological State Apparatus, Henry Giroux, says the theory is too deterministic. I will compare and contrast them and give a critical analysis of each and place them in historical context as well as modern day. Liberalist, Underdevelopment, and Marxist Perspectives on Development and World Bank The liberalist view on economic development is that the world economy benefits developing economies through trade, international aid, and foreign investment, but economic development is mostly affected by the organizations Discuss the Structural Ist Functionalist Perspective in Sociology. Their value system was opposed to that of the school. In conclusion, while Marxist theory might be dated, all of the four major ideas still seem to have some relevance, especially their ideas about the reproduction and legitimation of class inequality, so I would say Marxism is one of the more accurate perspectives which helps us understand the role of the education system today, both nationally and globally. In assessing the relationship between education and development, it is imperative to note that functionalists associate the advent of formal, compulsory education with the requirements of modern society, with modernit Pupils gain little enjoyment from studying the actual subjects but learn to put up with it so they can gain the external rewards. Also, education can actually harm the Bourgeois — many left wing, Marxist activists are university educated, so clearly they do not control the whole of the education system.

This means that the wealthier pupils tend to get the best education and then go onto to get middle class jobs. Traditional Marxists understand the role of education in this context — education is controlled by the elite class The Bourgeoisie and schools forms a central part of the superstructure through which they maintain ideological control of the proletariat.

This ensures authority and control throughout the school.

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Willis argues pupils rebelling are evidence that not all pupils are brainwashed into being passive, subordinate people as a result of the hidden curriculum. In this way class inequality is reproduced 2.

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Meanwhile working class children are more likely to get a poorer standard of education and end up in working class jobs. This statement was written in a Marxism perspective by individuals who see education not just an important part of the superstructure but as well an important aspect in a child life.

The lads believed that manual work was proper work, and the type of jobs that hard working pupils would get were all the same and generally pointless.

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This questionnaire result sat the tracks of the whole discussion what is vocational education about and if it is going to help the improvement in educational system. This was where students gained knowledge in subjects that were not on the curriculum. How do we improve our education system So pupils learn those values that are necessary for them to tow the line in menial manual jobs.

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The Marxist Perspective on Education Essay