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Diets such as the Mediterranean diet, which consists mostly of vegetables and fruit, olive oil, seafood, and nuts—rich in healthy unsaturated fats—have been linked in numerous studies to improvements in memory and lower rates of memory decline.

If memory—or how our brains make and recall memories—seems mysterious to you, you're not alone. Getting Adequate Sleep will Help you Remember Things One of the biggest mistakes that students make is trying to study longer hours by skipping on sleep.

Start by practicing 30 min a dayand make sure to track your training with Toggl to see the progress. Adding a step to this age-old practice helps us remember things even better.

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Separate pieces of information can be linked so that you remember them all. Memory Palaces and the Method of Loci Learn how to use memory palaces and the method of loci!

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BIV" for the colors of the rainbow "Big Elephants Can't Always Understand Small Elephants" to spell the word "because" Mnemonics often use rhymes and rhythms to make hard-to-learn information stick in our brains. Another popular mnemonic is memorable sentences that are constructed out of words that start with the same letter as the items you are trying to memorize.

The study pointed out that it was important to engage in exercise that was challenging enough to elevate your pulse.

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Top 8 Memorization Techniques for Professionals