Napoleon bonapartes 1799 conspiracy against the government and seizing of power

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Two hundred French soldiers surrounded the Duke's home in Baden and arrested him. A rational centralized administration was created under Napoleon. One had seen this in his dealings with the troops—his troops in northern Italy, his troops in Egypt—and also, all sorts of contemporary evidence suggests that in dealing with people individually he exerted an enormous amount of charm, power, and charisma. This was also part of one of the other great social claims of the Napoleonic regime. This had been done initially during the Revolution itself in the first constitution. He at once joined the Jacobin Club , a debating society initially favouring a constitutional monarchy, and soon became its president, making speeches against nobles, monks, and bishops. Then, according to Michael Rapport, "He pointed to Napoleon's bloody, pallid face as proof. Bonaparte was promoted to major in September and adjutant general in October. He claimed that there was a conspiracy to return the Bourbon monarchy, to overthrow the Revolution. However, he was ultimately persuaded to do so, provided that the power come from the people, not by divine right.

He also headed a military expedition to Egypt, seeking to weaken the British position there, and although his campaign in Egypt did not produce the results that he had hoped, he did achieve a series of very striking military victories.

He also, however, was a very savvy man politically. It led ultimately to the rise of the First French Empire.

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They were closely censored by the regime. This was to be a regime in which careers were open to talent.

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On December 22 Bonaparte, age 24, was promoted to brigadier general in recognition of his decisive part in the capture of the town. Two things were already very clear about him at this point. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

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Still, Napoleon believed you could not have a legitimate government, post-Revolution, without a constitution. What really mattered was the man of talent, the man of ability, willing to take chances and to achieve. Despite his efforts in Paris, Napoleon was unable to obtain a satisfactory command, because he was feared for his intense ambition and for his relations with the Montagnards , the more radical members of the National Convention. Certainly the system was maintained by secret police and very strict censorship. He then considered offering his services to the sultan of Turkey. What sort of state was this to be? The royalist plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise on 24 December allowed him to make a clean sweep of the democratic republicans, who despite their innocence were deported to French Guiana. A reader of Voltaire and of Rousseau , Napoleon believed that a political change was imperative , but, as a career officer, he seems not to have seen any need for radical social reforms. Most of the population clearly believed that the regime had consolidated the most positive gains made during the Revolution. Faced with their recalcitrance, Napoleon stormed into the chambers, escorted by a small force of grenadiers. This was the usual kind of compromised solution. Depending on whose account is accepted, he may or may not have come close to fainting.

One might suspect that there was a certain amount of manipulation and influence brought to bear on the outcome, but Napoleon was quite clearly very popular in France at this time. One thing that equality before the law meant to the Napoleonic regime was that no one would be tax-exempt.

Napoleon bonapartes 1799 conspiracy against the government and seizing of power

End of the First Republic[ edit ] This article's factual accuracy is disputed. But he always tried to present himself on the one hand as a military man, a man of affairs, a pragmatist in some ways, but also as the legitimate heir of the Revolution. Making little impact, he marched angrily into the Orangery, where the Five Hundred were in session. And in a step that was really quite remarkable and was a preview of the way Napoleon wanted to reign, this step was to be ratified by a national plebiscite. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. He stumped in to the hall of the Elders and made a speech defending himself against charges of being a Caesar or a Cromwell. He was ordered to be tried by a court of seven colonels at Vincennes. Learn how and when to remove this template message After Habsburg-controlled Austria declared war on France on 12 March , emergency measures were adopted and the pro-war Jacobin faction triumphed in the April election.

After a decade in which relations between the various French revolutionaries and the Church were strained to put it mildlyNapoleon was determined to restore good relations with the papacy, to bring the Church back into the mainstream of French political life.

These dramatic victories in Egypt and in northern Italy had made Napoleon a household name in France.

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The four aforementioned governmental organs were retained under the Constitution of the Year XIIwhich recognized Napoleon as the French sovereign Emperor, but their respective powers were greatly diminished.

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