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An improved ink algorithm eases the writing experience. The following apps can automatically recognize and digitize your handwriting.

Notability app

It can also be accessed online via a browser. You can create and use your own paper templates — and notes can be printed. The real magic of Drafts is what happens to your notes once you've written them. Integration options include Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. Evernote Best iOS note taking app for heavyweight features Evernote is a titan of the note taking world. Everything changed with the Apple Pencil. Sync takes place over iCloud, with all users receiving 5GB of free iCloud storage space. Because Notes is deeply integrated into iOS, you can save items as notes from almost anywhere using the Share button, then choosing Notes. There is no monthly upload quota since OneNote shares your OneDrive cloud storage space instead. If you have an iPad Pro, you can use the Apple Pencil to take handwritten notes.

What We Don't Like Agenda has no handwriting support. Arguably the best encrypted note-taking app available, Saferoom provides your notes a much-needed extra layer of security. Notebooks with customizable cover images are used to store your cards.

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From the main menu, search results are listed in categories of note type such as written notes, PDFs, and types notes. Zoho Notebook also supports numerous gestures, such as pinch to group notes into a stack, and flick to find the note that you're looking for.

The next time you find yourself jotting down where you parked, consider doing it on one of these 20 best note-taking apps.

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It works on Android or iOS.

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