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Sotomayor issued an injunction against the team owners, effectively bringing the eight-month strike to an end. The court ruled in its decision "that evidence found by police officers after illegal stops may be used in court if the officers conducted their searches after learning that the defendants had outstanding arrest warrants," according to the New York Times.

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Tasini , freelance journalists sued the New York Times Company for copyright infringement for the New York Times' inclusion in an electronic archival database LexisNexis of the work of freelancers it had published. She moved from associate to partner at the firm in When I'm concentrating, I can be fixed in place for hours. Wesley said that his interactions with Sotomayor had been "totally antithetical to this perception that has gotten some traction that she is somehow confrontational. Regardless of whether I can sympathize with the causes that lead these individuals to do these crimes, the effects are outrageous. They could not understand why I was taking this job. Sotomayor underwent surgery on May 1, and was expected to attend physical therapy for several months afterward. The groups, she said, provided her "with an anchor I needed to ground myself in that new and different world. Meet extraordinary women who dared to bring gender equality and other issues to the forefront. The Second Circuit upheld Sotomayor's decision and denied the owners' request to stay the ruling. Bush nominated her for the position in , which was confirmed unanimously by the Senate on August 11, Supreme Court.

Bush on November 27,to serve as a federal judge, and she was confirmed by the Senate on August 11 of Thanks for watching! Bush appointed Sotomayor a federal judge in the U.

College Sonia Sotomayor excelled in school and finished her undergraduate study at Princeton with honors including membership in Phi Beta Kappa and the M.

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She has also received honorary law degrees from Herbert H. During her Senate confirmation hearings, two of her previous cases received considerable attention. And she served on the Board of Trustees at Princeton. In she ruled in favour of a woman with dyslexia who wanted more accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to take the bar exam.

After the death of her father, her mother worked long hours as a nurse to support the family. I'm not sure I've ever resolved that problem.

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Sotomayor is also considered part of the Court's liberal bloc. Sotomayor credits the episodes of the television crime show Perry Mason —66 that she watched as a child with influencing her decision to become a lawyer. In , President George H. Therefore, the Republican majority decided to slow her confirmation. In April , Justice Sotomayor suffered a shoulder injury from an accidental fall. Continue Reading. When she joined the court, she was its youngest judge. She is the th associate Supreme Court justice and the third woman to join the court. It is stereotyping, and stereotyping is perhaps the most insidious of all problems in our society today. After her appointment to the court in , Sotomayor was known for her candid , direct speaking style and for her carefully reasoned decisions. The Second Circuit upheld Sotomayor's decision and denied the owners' request to stay the ruling.

Attorney Sheema Chaudhry said, "She's brilliant and she's qualified, but I just feel that she can be very, how do you say, temperamental.

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Sonia Sotomayor