The importance of following a madhab

The importance of following a madhab

This is because, by staying for five days, he cannot use the two concessions of qasr and of combining two prayers according to Imam Shaf'i, and because combining two prayers is not allowed according to Imam Abu Hanifa. So, the one who follows a particular madhhab actually follows the Holy Quran and sunnah according to the interpretation of a particular authentic jurist whom he believes to be the most trustworthy and the most knowledgeable in matters of Shariah. But all of us have been commanded to live them in our lives, in obedience to Allah, and so Muslims are of two types, those who can do this by themselves, and they are the mujtahid Imams; and those who must do so by means of another, that is, by following a mujtahid Imam, in accordance with Allah's word in Surat al-Nahl, " Ask those who recall, if you know not " Qur'an , and in Surat al-Nisa, " If they had referred it to the Messenger and to those of authority among them, then those of them whose task it is to find it out would have known the matter " Qur'an , in which the phrase those of them whose task it is to find it out, expresses the words "alladhina yastanbitunahu minhum", referring to those possessing the capacity to draw inferences directly from the evidence, which is called in Arabic istinbat. If such an attitude is permitted, it will render the Shari'a a plaything in the hands of the ignorant, and no rule of Shari'a will remain immune to distortion. Building a strong foundation with familiarity of the evidences, the student progresses to learn about different positions of scholars on these cases of fiqh. What is the evidence that women in their menstrual cycles have to make up the fasts but not the prayer? In later times, this was not the case. It is true that obedience, in its true sense, belongs to Allah alone. In our age we have air conditioners, deodorants etc. All of us may derive this knowledge directly from the Qur'an and hadith, as is also the case with a second type of knowledge, that of general Islamic ethical principles to do good, avoid evil, cooperate with others in good works, and so forth. We do not obey anyone other than Him.

Rather, it is nothing but a subversion and mockery of Islam. The reason is obvious. This sounded more appealing since it made the Sunnah an authority.

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The people who do not fulfill these conditions should not dare to do so, because it could lead to anarchy in the matter of Shari'a. Throughout the Muslim world, Muslims followed one of the four schools [see last section].

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After understanding the issues and cases of fiqh, the student would need to understand the evidences that serve as a basis for the rulings on these cases.

All the schools of jurists are unanimous in their interpretation; hence there is no room for ijtihad or taqleed in these matters. One court may interpret the law in a particular way while another court may understand it in quite a different sense.

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My evenings were spent engrossed in its chapters, mesmerized by the amount of details recorded about our Prophet. However, I would try to explain the basic points as briefly as possible. He pbuh said: The best of my Umma are those of my generation, then the generation that follows them and then the generation that follows them Sahih al-Bukhari. Hanafi — led by the teachings of Imam Abu Hanifa; 2. In result of which a person is lead astray. Fatawa Ibn Taymiya 2: It is in this way that the differences among certain madhahib have emerged. Obviously this practice is tantamount to following one's desires, which is totally prohibited by the Holy Qur'an. Nevertheless, those equipped with the necessary qualifications of ijtihad need not follow a particular school [madhhab]. The four schools are known as the Hanafi, Shaf'i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools. The person who does not have the power of Ijtihad is bound and compelled to follow a Mujtahid and this act of following a Mujtahid is termed Taqlid. All the sacred verses and hadith are in Arabic. There are many problems or issues which have not been mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah in specific or express terms. The first type is the general knowledge of tenets of Islamic belief in the oneness of Allah, in His angels, Books, messengers, the prophethood of Muhammad Allah bless him and give him peace , and so on. Is there a book for each one?

If every Muslim was obligated to consult the Holy Qur'an and Sunna on each and every problem arising before him, it would burden him with a responsibility that would be almost impossible to fulfill.

They do so only to serve their individual purpose and satisfY their desires.

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This is why discarding the monumental scholarship of the madhhabs in operationalizing the Qur'an and sunna in order to adopt the understanding of a contemporary sheikh is not just a mistaken opinion.

I do not know of a better way to protect the Deen from distortion than this 8. None of the Madhabs are considered wrong and they are all correct in their own way; the four Imams were undoubtedly the greatest of Mujtahids i.

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Importance of Following a Madhhab