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This is later signed by a parent to say that has been passed on, if it information from the club or if its information from the teacher — information from parents to teachers we make sure teachers sign to say that they have read the information.

The second type of school safety is emotional and social safety. It may have been expressed in milder forms and be sparse, but dangers have always been a part of our life. These include the following: Accidents: There should be enough first aiders in schools or on the trips at any time to deal with accidents.

Stephens, Executive Director of the National School Safety Center, there are some common characteristics among youth who have caused school- associated violent deaths. Research continues to illustrate children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically and are more at risk for getting indulged in drugs and delinquency.

One of the major events that took place was the Virginia Tech Massacre, where 33 students died.

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The incident happened after play time when the child has put his fingers in the door even though they had finger guards on already. Recording illness and having information with the record is important, for example you have a child with sickle cell and it is recorded then with this you would have information about sickle cell so all staff then can read and understand what the procedure is when this certain child is looking to have these symptoms or signs. Kids who are in an environment where bullying takes place are more at risk for suicidal behaviors compared to students who are not exposed to bullying. Security incidents Missing children or young people If you are not trained in first aid, and if you are unsure about what to do, you should only take action to avoid any further danger to the casualty and others. Since this event, the United Stated has taken action into making our schools safer for the children that attend any school. There are many aspects that go into school safety such as drills, concussions and other head injuries, bullying, technology safety, and Commentary about Lesson words - 3 pages with streamers and papers. Fifty years ago, the main disciplinary problems were running in the halls, talking out of turn, and chewing gum Metal Detectors: Justifying School Safety Essay words - 5 pages Metal Detectors: Justifying School SafetyHow much is your child's safety worth? Describe Risk Assessment and associated documentation in your placement. It has been introduced and passed from the Senate to the House. We each have a responsibility to work to end youth violence and to keep schools safe for children and for those who teach them. Exposure to inappropriate content and disturbing images and language should also be considered when using computers or tablets in the classroom. During the drill, the principal picks out a student that may be chattering or making some other noise and explains to them that if they were to be doing this during a real intruder incident, it could possibly bring the intruder into their room first and cause harm to everyone else. Students everywhere are attending schools that are more dangerous than expected.

In the scenarios mentioned, most of the actors are young kids. The incident happened after play time when the child has put his fingers in the door even though they had finger guards on already.

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It is to help show how to respond if an incident were to happen in their school. Disabled Children: Wheel chair users should assemble at specific fire assembling point. Increased Violence in Schools Although there are experts that say violence has always existed in schools, many are concerned about the increased number of violent acts taking place there. Witnessing these acts can also cause intense fear and anxiety within other students as well as staff members, making the school environment a psychologically distressing place to be. Some parents feel that their child's safety is more important because of the rules that the school has set forth to maintain a safe environment. However, considering that this issue is new, schools still have no universal policy as on how to provide this kind of security. The bill good for the states and local governments because it is a way of upgrading security from anywhere between having fences to installing surveillance equipment. This means there will be procedures in place for a number of situations that can arise.
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Essay on School Safety: Protecting the Students