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Adults in an endemic population would have been infected with the virus at an earlier stage in their lives already and since the only two possible outcomes of an infection were death or survival and life-long immunity, the virus could only infect and be transmitted by individuals that had never been exposed before: children.

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For smallpox patients in the hospital, airborne precautions see CDC Isolation Precautions Guidelines should be followed, and all hospital personnel should be vaccinated. Petite is French for small so the disease became known as smallpox in English.

Overall, the progress towards eradication was disappointing, especially in Africa and in the Indian subcontinent.

It was also the first time that global data collection on the prevalence of smallpox was undertaken.

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Should the smallpox vaccine be widely used to protect people? The diseases shared similar symptoms rashes even though syphilis was caused by spirochaete bacteria and smallpox by the variola virus.

Estimates on the savings from forgone costs thanks to the eradication of smallpox exist, but we are not aware of estimates that we would consider reliable.

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Smallpox and biological warfare: a disease revisited