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Two Arm's Length Status Forms one form per supervisor must be submitted if you have two co-supervisors.


Let the graduate assistant know if video-conferencing is required for the oral examination. Click Complete submission.

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When approved, celebrate! There are many resources in this section to help you with this important part of your graduate student experience.

Do not list all the committee members.

Uvic thesis withholding form

In summary: Defend your thesis. Fields of weeds. Use important words from the title, chapter headings, your abstract, etc. You must confirm that it meets UVic's thesis and dissertation guidelines and it may be easiest to use the UVic thesis template. All members of your supervisory commitee must sign off on the list of nominees, the proposed examination date, and agree that your full draft of the dissertation will be examinable within four weeks. Once your external examiner has been confirmed, the Graduate Program Assistant will send you the following forms. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. When any applicable changes are approved by all members of your supervisory committee, forward an approval email from your supervisor to the graduate assistant. Keywords Enter keywords describing your thesis, being as specific as possible. The external examiner can attend via videoconference. If the dissertation has been approved, or approved with edits, discuss any recommendations made by the external examiner with your supervisory committee and complete as required.

Either white them out before scanning the page, remove them digitally or eliminate the page entirely, e. Check the format of your thesis against the thesis format checklist and sample pages.

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Bibliographic citation If part or all of your thesis has been previously published or publicly distributed, whether in print or electronically, enter a standard citation for each instance of previous release add more boxes if necessary-one citation per box. Make sure that withholding has been approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies before you submit your thesis or dissertation. If your dissertation is larger than Mb, CourseSpaces will not accept it and you will need to submit it to the Graduate Program Assistant to be submitted on a CD. The withheld thesis is not accessible for the period of 1 year, but the metadata is available to the world wide web. Within days it will be archived and searchable in UVicSpace. Email garo uvic. When any applicable changes are approved by all members of your supervisory committee, forward an approval email from your supervisor to the graduate assistant. Graduate Studies will provide the External Examiner and examination chair with a copy of your dissertation. More information is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies - Thesis and dissertation website. Title Capitalize only the first letter of the first word of the title and proper names found within the title.

Students seeking publication or patents may delay the publishing of the thesis or dissertation in UVicSpace for an initial period of twelve months from the date of the oral examination by submission of a signed Withholding form prior to uploading their thesis or disseration.

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How to Submit ETDs