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Both of them are dealing with problems personal and professional: Jimmy is a narcissistic writer struggling to get published, Gretchen is a clinically depressed PR agent representing a difficult rapper. The TV adaptation features an all-star cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, not to mention Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman, and stays true to same black comedy and deadly mishaps that made the original film so popular.

Episode 6 - Honey Josh tries to prove he's better than Rosa's current boyfriend. The Season 2 finale climaxes with a giant mecha fight between the two lead characters.

Watch now The Venture Bros. Fry Billy Westa delivery boy who stumbles into a cryogenic pod and wakes up a thousand years in the future. So Yossarian keeps flying missions, and his superiors keep raising the number of missions required to end the war, and the war seems no closer to ending.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood stands out in the vast field of anime thanks to its distinct setting, complex characters, and inventive action sequences. Watch now Regular Show Cartoon Network has developed a reputation in recent years for surreal, wonderfully animated shows that can appeal to adults as well as kids.

But in a series like this, that is clearly a feature, not a bug.

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On paper, Man Seeking Woman has all the trappings of the smaller-but-beloved cult favorite. Episode 4 - Tinsel. Despite this, it produced some timeless episodes. Watch now Community Community has seen its fair share of ups and downs while on NBC but this Dan Harmon comedy is one of the funniest shows on TV — its first three seasons were, at least.

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