Why education is the single most important factor in the development of a country

Also it is important to put quality before quantity — the goal must be for all education programmes to be of the highest quality, with the number of places tailored to the needs of the labour market.

How does education affect development of a country

This is another issue caused by deficiency of education. It helps young mind to grow and be aware of the world around them. In other words, the positive economy is one of the most essential factors for raising a developing country. Education is long term investment. Having a resources of labour lead to development sustainability of economic, building strong social, the system of ideology the unified, attracting invest. On the other hand, some people may not agree on education being the sole important factor, as there may be other considerable variables such as availability of gold and fuels, per capita income versus expenditure, defence force and effective leadership. Another advantage is training people to be qualified. Knowledge is the wealth which can not be stolen or taken away, ever. To appreciate the level development of a country, the expert appraisal based on the index of many different factors such as: economy, political, science, social,education Essay Categories:. As a result, people does not only learn knowledge but also use it to help themselves and their country as well. Taking a look back in history, Japan have been a typical instance for years. At that time , the developing countries will solve their problems themselves Although , education is a single factor. Many schools were established from primary to university with modern equipments and good stuffs in modern environment.

People believe that education does. If someone goes to school, he can become a electrical engineer, civil engineer, In the world, all rich countries are countries having good educations such as America, Britain, Japan and the like. This helps the country to become independent for food and simultaneously earn foreign currency.

Education is important in the development of a country like india

In the other hand, if the country has the poor education, people will be foolish. To sum up, I think government should balance between education and key industries like healthy health care, industry and should not spend much money on a specific sector. But, they are telling lies. Also, they may resolve economics' problems by creating news ideas. Many countries see education is not important. Similarly, manufacturing, transportation, information technology demands the high level of expertise, proper planning and implementation which depends upon the knowledge, skills and training. In my opinion, education plays an essential role to develop a country, particularly that of developing countries. It has been proved that the more you know about your world, the more chances you may have. Knowledgeable country get many benefits for citizens. This is the 21st century and to survive in this competitive world, we need to be well aware of new technology and know how to survive in ever changing work places, which education prepares us for. Educated leaders have good development agendas, and formulate policies which provide a good environment for all development projects p. Everything is exchanged by money or other equivalent values. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Individuals that are educated in developing country may move to the developed countries such as USA, England, and countinue their lifes there. During the war, to protect the country from invaders, the authority called everyone to solidarity to destroy the entire enemy, forces spread to ideological mainly knowledge.

education is the single most important factor in the development of a country pdf

If societies do not have some abilities about something important, they are difficult to share their information especially if they do not have useful part in government, people will hard to accept them. With development now, education is the most important, engineer or mechanic also need knowledge about major itself, so the government should more invest for education for good quality, and step together conquer of the world.

Beside economic, culture, society, etc, government concentrate on training in education, this factor was considered that one among important goals set hard step for developing of country.

At the present, in our country just only base on theorem normal but in fact, to developing we must pay attention practice skills and building labs used to support study.

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