Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance


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Thus, female teachers and male teachers were the sample of study. It comprises the management strategies, the organization of space, furnishing and maintaining of classroom, teacher student interaction, peer relationship, etc.

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They [the researchers] show that there are large additional components in the longitudinal effects of teachers, that these effects are much larger than expected, and that the least effective teachers have a long-term influence on student achievement that is not fully remediated for up to three years later. Ultimately, existing professional development principles guide the process of teaching learning in such direction that supports knowledge of subject matter. Content knowledge generally refers to the facts, concepts, theories, and principles that are taught and learned, rather than to related skills—such as reading, writing, or researching—those students also learn in academic courses. Due to the emergence of technology, it is feasible for teachers to show real —life situations e. Teachers plan instruction by keeping in view classroom environment, school and cultural values. This suggests that more experienced teachers provide important additional benefits to their school community beyond increased learning for the students they teach. Holding teachers accountable for student achievement without recognition of the roles played by these other partners in the educational process is patently unfair and can amount to scapegoating. Research has shown that teacher quality has a lasting effect on performance and a larger impact on learning than any other factor. Teachers provide manifold models and explanations of concepts, behaviors and skills to develop inquiry and questioning skills that promote higher order thinking skills. The inability to dismiss incompetent teachers encourages principals to give all teachers satisfactory marks on their evaluations, rather than taking the evaluation process seriously. While there are other factors that contribute to student achievement besides effective instruction, it is hard to reconcile the stark disconnect in many districts. However, the current context of high-stakes accountability for students and schools found in most states, and which is being developed as a result of No Child Left Behind, provides an impetus and urgency for examining ways to assess teacher quality that are fair and realistic. Thomas J.

Given these complexities, many educators have avoided being too explicit or public about tracking student learning for the purpose of improving instruction or evaluating performance. See U.

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Teachers can create best learning environment if they use a wide range of audio visual aids in their teaching as well as decorate their classrooms according to the interest and needs of students. State law should tie the evaluation process to the dismissal process.

Why having incompetent teachers can affect student performance

It includes the activities through which a teacher can assess students learning on a daily basis, e. As discussed earlier, teacher effectiveness is characterized by a far more complex set of qualities than one's professional preparation. They also must be willing to have difficult conversations with low-performing teachers. More experienced teachers confer benefits to their colleagues, their students, and to the school as a whole. These all aspects are interlinked. Hold high expectations for themselves and their students. Continuous professional development and code of conduct, Some previous studies concluded that teachers plateau in their effectiveness early in their careers. Although these seem like extreme examples, studies support my anecdotal observations. This brief documents a review of research finding that, indeed, teachers do continue to improve in their effectiveness as they gain experience in the teaching profession. Key recommendations are as follows: Federal The federal government should continue to provide incentives to states and districts to improve their evaluation practices and should also use incentives to encourage reforms of the tenure and dismissal processes.
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Removing Chronically Ineffective Teachers