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Though the future looked grim, Churchill did all he could to keep British spirits high. Indeed, his many close shaves only seemed to further encourage him to tempt destiny and put himself in the way of yet more danger.

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George's School in Ascot, Berkshire ; he hated it, did poorly academically, and regularly misbehaved. In the ensuing general election in he secured a notable victory in Manchester and began his ministerial career in the new Liberal government as undersecretary of state for the colonies. After the debacle at Gallipoli, Churchill left the Admiralty. On September 3, , the day Britain declared war on Germany, Churchill was again appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and a member of the war cabinet; by April , he became chairman of the Military Coordinating Committee. To critics, his steadfast commitment to British imperialism and his withering opposition to independence for India underscored his disdain for other races and cultures. His later attempts at decreasing the developing Cold War through personal diplomacy failed to produce significant results, and poor health forced him to resign in , making way for his Foreign Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Eden. Churchill went on to introduce reforms such as the Mines and Quarries Act of , which improved working conditions in mines, and the Housing Repairs and Rent Act of , which established standards for housing. Churchill Movies and Books Churchill has been the subject of numerous portrayals on the big and small screen over the years, with actors from Richard Burton to Christian Slater taking a crack at capturing his essence. Two years later, he had a similar attack while battling a bout of pneumonia. It was, perhaps, this experience that made him so determined to stand up to apparently mighty foes in later life. He served as Conservative Prime Minister twice - from to before being defeated in the general election by the Labour leader Clement Attlee and from to Citation Information. There was speculation that Churchill suffered from Alzheimer's disease in his final years, though medical experts pointed to his earlier strokes as the likely cause of reduced mental capacity. Churchill, Winston S. In the months that followed, Churchill worked closely with Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to forge an Allied war strategy and postwar world.

President Franklin D. John Lithgow delivered an acclaimed performance as Churchill in the Netflix series The Crown, winning an Emmy for his work in Defeated at the ensuing by-election in Manchesterhe won an election at Dundee.

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He resigned from the government toward the end of Interesting facts Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in for his many published works. And there has been considerable debate over the courses he pursued at international conferences, such as those at Yalta in February He resigned in April after an uneventful term in office. I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. Citation Information. Churchill went on to create over paintings, typically working en plein air, though also practicing with still lifes and portraits. His force of personality was instrumental in cementing the 'Big Three' Alliance with Britain's powerful allies, Russia and the United States. His father died when he was 21, and it was said that Churchill knew him more by reputation than by any close relationship they shared. He received a good education in English, however, and won a prize for reading aloud a portion of Thomas Macaulay's — Lays of Ancient Rome Returning to Britain a military hero, he laid siege again to Oldham in the election of He became prime minister for the second time in October , and served as minister of defense between October and January It has been argued that Churchill was too sensitive to the Mediterranean as a theater of war, which led to mistakes in Crete and North Africa. Churchill, Winston S. On June 18, , Churchill made one of his iconic speeches to the House of Commons, warning that "the Battle of Britain " was about to begin.

The River War brilliantly describes the campaign. It may perhaps be explained by Churchill's aggressive campaign combined with the British voters' desire for social reconstruction. This happened induring World War Two, and some experts say his focus was on fighting the war in Europe and that when he became aware of the true seriousness what was happening, he ordered grain to be sent there.

In July, German fighter planes began three months of devastating air raids on Britain herself. He gave stirring speeches in Parliament and on the radio.

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Winston Churchill, the man who had done so much to secure eventual Allied victory was, once again, out of office. In he said "I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia.

He became a Member of Parliament MP in President Franklin D.

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Byas Germany began controlling its neighbors, Churchill had become a staunch critic of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain 's policy of appeasement toward the Nazis.

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Who was Winston Churchill and why was he important?