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However, in the section of Reno between Rodman and Van Ness Streets, the road was wide enough to support narrowing the traffic lanes and installing a bike lane on sections where bikes would be going uphill.

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So they installed plastic pylons, but for safety they are flexible and people drive over those. Areas of cycle parking within the streetscape work well.

It cites Memphis, Tennessee; New York; and Seattle among the cities that have embraced quickly deployed, temporary, community-driven projects. Waiting times of over 30 seconds make cycling slow and unattractive. What is the proposed Cycling Safety Ordinance? Our goal is for Ward 3 residents to feel like the roads are safe enough for them to bike to work, school and local shops. These routes are also good for children learning to ride. Install the stands at least one metre apart. They should be wide and well-lit, with good visibility. This guide, which we commissioned, and is generously funded by Bike Hub, represents best practice which shows developers and decision-makers how we can get more people cycling. Two-thirds of people want to cycle more if it is made safer and easier to do so. Real-time information for buses — a display at a bus stop showing the time until the next bus arrives gives people reassurance and confidence in using buses. National Cycle Parking Guide www. Temporary infrastructure can be built, studied, and scrapped if necessary without too much financial fuss. When the City Council passes a policy order, the City Manager and City staff are under no legal obligation to follow it.

When the street is no longer a thoroughfare for cars, it becomes a more attractive and safer place for cyclists. Christopher Monsere, Portland State University Less than a year later, one could gaze down at the street from the Manhattan Bridge and see newly-created bike lanes, buffered from car traffic by plastic bollards and planters, and outlined in colorful asphalt.

The key requirement is always to ensure that cycles can be parked near the main entrance. Note that there is a bike lane on the northbound uphill side of Reno.

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Write letters to the editor. A traditional dropped kerb with an upstand of 10mm or more is NOT acceptable.

Remember that old joke about the guy that runs every red light. Where I live Vancouver BC additional green lights have been installed at some intersections that are for bikes only and at those intersections signage indicates cars cannot turn on a red cars have their own light , and in some places turns for cars are prohibited entirely. Such routes should be at least 5 metres wide to ensure that people walking and cycling have enough space to pass each other safely. The final Westside Mobility Project cited a study that indicates more people would commute via bike if they felt safer. Public art is often featured on such routes. Advertisements No change happens easily, and some residents were concerned that changing the traffic patterns on Reno Road could make turns off of the road more difficult. Cycle parking Cycle parking is a key component in helping people choose to cycle. Require the largest employers in the area to provide bike racks, lockers, and showers to employees who want to bike to work. Ridership along the path increased 43 percent for northbound traffic, and 23 percent for southbound. Note that there is a bike lane on the northbound uphill side of Reno. The most expensive part is the green paint George Joseph Lane says: If you scroll up from your comment there is a word article explaining how it is mandatory. Full text of the Ordinance is available through the city website. I just want safer cycling facilities for myself and my family. Its briefings cover a range of topics focussing on six core themes: commitment to cycling; designed for cycling; off-road access; promotion and encouragement; safe drivers and vehicles; and public transport.

A map of the Cambridge Bike Plan, a mile network of protected bike lanes, is available on the city website see last page of pdf, figure 5. For housing, there should be space to park at least one bicycle for each expected resident. These are the first new bike lanes in Ward 3 in years.

Cycle tracks along major roads must always be fully segregated with a distance of between 4 and 8 metres from the main carriageway. The Netherlands has significantly safer roads and much higher bicycle usage rates than the UK. Bear in mind that natural interaction is best when people can talk to each other, i. Having a bike in a convenient but secure location near the front door, nearer than any car, is a great way to make people use their bike automatically, particularly for local journeys to shops and other amenities. Join up with people who have the same goals and already have something going. Share: Receive latest stories and local news in your email: GO. Car clubs — provision of shared cars, enabling people to have access to a car perhaps as a second car without having to bear the costs of ownership.
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