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Their strategy is to develop and build the segment and protect it from erosion. It is designed after detailed marketing research. Your strategy comes before your plan As soon as you have determined what your marketing strategy is, you can draw up a marketing plan. Our qualified agents can help you.

Make it happen A plan will not happen by itself.

purpose of marketing strategy

Share on: Save this document You must first be logged in to save this document. It should therefore be a practical reflection of your strategy. Tips for writing a marketing plan It is important for a marketing plan to: set clear, realistic and measurable targets - for example, increasing sales by 10 per cent include deadlines for meeting targets provide a budget for each marketing activity specify who is responsible for each activity Make sure you think through each of your objectives logically.

marketing strategy definition by authors

The focus around product intelligence is on gathering information about the quality and performance of the product.

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Marketing strategy